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Beverly Knapp

"I am immeasurably grateful to have experienced your innate gift of intuitive understanding of another's experience & your completely natural talent of catalyzing the tools necessary to heal, restore & inspire my soul. You are a gem, whose wisdom & compassion has been a rare gift that came, when I needed it most. I can't thank you enough for the indelible impression you've made on my heart & in my life.

Thank you"


Jen Mccord

“I am the vice president of a large corporation in Denver Colorado. I heard about Margaret from a friend. I have worked with other executive coaches before but nobody got to the core of who I really wanted to be like Margaret did. I have a crazy busy life with kids, a husband, aging parents, not to mention my high pressure job.  I hadn’t realized that I felt like a victim until Margaret  opened up a window that I didn’t know was there. I was feeling sorry for myself when what I really have is a beautiful life. Over the course of our sessions we talked about being loving, getting out of our ego, changing the way I think of myself and others. I’m so glad Margaret was straight with me and showed me my blind spots. Because of her intuition and inner strength I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders at the end of our sessions. I always have time to talk to Margaret. She is my rock."

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