Why would I coach with Margaret?

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A commitment to coaching or doing a workshop with Margaret has been described as a GAME CHANGER.  The result is to feel carefree, guilt free and catapulted forward.  Her clients learn they need not play the character they have been trained to be.  Margaret is not here to rescue people but is here to create the space for people to rescue themselves.  


Here are some of the outcomes that may happen to you:

  • Reimagine and recreate a better version of yourself.

  • Initiate or improve relationships in your lives.

  • Get unstuck from disempowering beliefs, language and negative energy which is preventing experiences of peace and joy.

  • Establish and achieve your personal goals.

  • Margaret's workshops and facebook groups help connect people who are on the same journey who often feel isolated and alone.

  • Open up blind spots that you might have had since childhood that has prevented you from opening up a world of possibilities.